How to Make Your House Safe from Floods

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Floods could cause severe damages to infrastructure and properties. Aside from that, they could also put the lives of people at risk and interrupt communications.  


It is better to look for another housing area if you are a person who is living in a location that experiences regular floods. However, if that is not an option, it will be up to you to do all the required things to minimize damage.  

Here are several ways to make your house safe from floods: 

Use Tiles and Concrete Instead of Laminate or Wood Flooring 

While wood is a more appealing flooring choice, it is very susceptible to water damage. Of course, a floor that’s rotting isn’t something that you want to live on each day. To ensure your safety, concrete and tiles will help. In addition to that, they could come in appealing patterns to improve the aesthetics of your house.  

If you currently have laminate flooring, it is best to hire a professional Tampa Bay contractor and handyman remodeling company to change your flooring.  

Install Water-Resistant Window Frames and Doors 

To extend the life of your home, you should invest in water-resistant windows and doors.  

Install French Drains 

French drain would divert safely the water away from your home if your property is placed on a slope and has a stubbornly soggy lawn or wet basement.  

Invest in a Sump Pump 

For those who don’t know, a sump pump will get rid of water out of the house and can be a great defense against flooding. Several sump pumps are powered by electricity. Thus, they’ll be unusable if the flood has caused a power outage. That is the reason why it is better to get a battery-powered sump pump. 

Fix Cracks and Leaks 

Foundation cracks and leaky roofs enable water to get into the house, weaken the property’s structure, and cause mold to grow. If you’ve got these minor issues, you should not delay the repair. The reason for this is that they could be the reason for your major headaches in the future. You could always rely on a professional if you do not have the time to repair them yourself. 

Install Foundation Vents 

This will enable water to flow across the structure rather than forming up inside and causing damage. You will at least require two vents of various walls.  

Raise Your House On Piers 

This is an expensive project. However, you should not hesitate to improve your safety if you could afford this. You may not need to take any other safety measures anymore if you raise your house to the point where the lowest floor is above the floor level.  

Change Water Valves 

It could cause sewage water to back up into your home if your sewer systems get flooded. You could install an exterior or interior backflow valve on every pipe entering your home to prevent this.  

Secure Electrical Systems 

You should raise wiring, circuit breakers, and switches at least 1 meter above the expected flood level.  

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